Week 4, Day 1: Palm Leaves for Palm Sunday

I know I am a day late for this, but I just didn't want to work on Sunday!! 😂 I did manage to take photos of our Palm Sunday Craft --- Handmade Palm Leaves!! We then reenacted the scene of Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a Donkey while waving palm leaves at him. One of us read the story, one of us waved palm leaves and the other played Jesus. No photo evidence of this scene sorry. 😊🙏

Such a simple activity and great way to incorporate art and play to understand a story.

Materials: posterboard

watercolor paint




1. Draw the design, I drew the design free hand while looking at the picture. Draw a teardrop shape then draw triangles smaller and then gradually larger as you go around the perimeters. 2. Then cut the tear drop shape out first then the triangle details last. Easier for the child to handle.

3. Paint one side, let dry, flip over and paint the other side. Let it dry and that's it!!

4. For the reenactment, we happened to use a toy stick pony, some blankets for coats to lay on the ground, a daddy dressed up as Jesus riding the stick pony, a momma reading the story printed from the internet, and a little girl waving palm leaves.

We included the leaves in our Easter decorations for the week. So even though Palm Sunday has passed it's still a fun activity to add to your Easter celebrations for the week!

Stay tuned, I plan to post an art activity for paper mâché eggs and a paper mâché bird nest this week!

P.S. Did you know that since I can't offer in person workshops right now that I am willing to do them online through Zoom? Check out my workshop menu if interested! I am hopeful that we will be able to get back to life as somewhat normal this summer and plan to have a summer camp in my studio. So stay tuned for that schedule!!!

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