Week 3, Day 1: Automatic Drawing in the style of Joan Miro

Let’s start the week off with a really fun drawing experiment known as Automatic Drawing! This is so fun! You can choose to draw large or small, it’s up to you! I recommend doing this with your child like a drawing game.

Artist background: Joan Miro was a Spanish artist, born in Barcelona, Spain in 1893 and died on Christmas Day in 1983. He was known for creating Automatism. Automatism is a creative technique for producing artworks without thought, will or intervention from the conscious mind. He was credited for being one of the beginning Surrealists but he rejected that title, he didn’t like to be put into a box so to speak.

So let’s give this a try!!!


Pencil, black marker, charcoal or crayon


watercolor, crayons or markers



Place your paper in front of you, giving yourself plenty of room to move around. Now close your eyes, using your pencil, crayon, charcoal or black marker quickly draw across your paper using a combination of straight lines, and squiggly lines. (*you can look down to make sure you are still drawing on your paper and not the table! ) When you finish your drawing, step back look at it and notice all the cool shapes created by your lines intersecting one another. Now, with your paints, crayons, or markers begin coloring in the random shapes created, maybe add some extra marks inside of the shapes to create a pattern.

That’s it! Hope you have fun with this activity!! Post pictures and tag me if you give it a try!!

Thanks, Mary

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