Week 2 Day 4: Go on an Adventure with Journey Sticks

This is a great way to get even the tiniest ones outside and really exploring. A dear friend, Mr. Irre, created these for me for a nature class I lead at our IWLA park. I had the idea of a strip of cardboard with double sided tape and he was like I think I can make this even better. He cut strips of masonite 2”x11”, drilled a little hole for hanging later, and used double sided carpet tape. Genius.

Now, I realize you may not have the capabilities to make these out of this material at home right now, but there are lots of ways you can make journey sticks! Cutting cardboard strips and using double sided tape, or actual sticks and tie string around them and let the child attach their treasures this way.

Another way to use journey sticks, is to have a wider strip of cardboard, look for specific plant types and then look up the plants from an app like iNaturalist to determine what the plant is, is it edible, toxic, characteristics of the plant, etc. And use this as a way to not only make a beautiful piece of nature art but use this as an opportunity to provide a botany lesson for your child, practice writing and reading as well. Thank you to Earth and Cotton Company for this idea and photo inspiration!


cardboard, masonite strips, sticks

Double side tape, or carpet tape, tape, glue, or string

Pencil or pen (if choosing to write down types of plants found)

Book on plants or an app such as iNaturalist if choosing to make this a botany lesson


1. Make your journey stick using either cardboard, masonite with double sided tape, tape or glue; or use sticks with string. Tie strings on different parts of stick for the child to attach their treasures to the stick.

2. Go on an adventure and find natural treasures, if you have a plan ahead of what you want your child to look for such as different types of plants make that clear to your child, or use this as an opportunity have them find interesting colors, shapes or textures in nature and discuss later after you return from your journey.

3. Display their nature art in the home.

Feel free to share your beautiful nature art and have a great adventure!

Thanks, Mary

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