Week 2 Day 3: It’s a Team Sport! Blind Contour Drawing with the Family

It’s a rainy day and that’s always a fun opportunity to play games inside. This is a fun drawing exercise that can be done by the whole family! My artist friend and I had the same idea and she posted a video of blind contour drawing so I will include it here! Thank you Claire Sherwood! I am going to add to the activity by presenting you with a drawing challenge. Kind of like musical chairs but with drawing! You could include some music with this if you wanted!!

Have fun!

Picture Credit by Catherine Miller


Paper and pencil or pen

Still life: This could be anything! Some ideas, fruit, vase of flowers, shoes, toys, utensils, etc


Color pencils, crayons, watercolor paint, or markers (your choice here) Music (optional)

Good attitude and sense of humor (required)


Adding to the above drawing challenge, this works great if you have siblings but if it’s just you and your child it still works! If it’s just you, I will give you guidance below on how to make this work for one person.

  1. Create a still-life in the center of a table

  2. Get your pencil or pen and paper ready

  3. Set timer for 30 seconds and without looking at your paper and only observing your drawing, pick a spot on the still life and slowly following the contour (outline) of the object with your eyes and begin drawing what you see with your pencil at the same time. NO PEEKING!!!! *this will look hilariously bad — don’t worry! It’s about to get even crazier!!

  4. When the timer goes off, stop drawing immediately. You can now look at your drawing. But this time take your pencil and leave your drawing behind and move to the left and stop in front of the person’s drawing that is next to you. Now reset the timer again for 30 seconds and begin drawing the still life over top of the other person’s drawing! Repeat this step until you return back to your drawing. *If you are doing this by yourself, instead of moving to the next person’s drawing you can simply pick up your pencil and paper and move to another spot and start drawing on top of your drawing -creating a different perspective of the still life.

  5. Once you have returned to your drawing, examine how it looks absolutely nothing like the still life (and that’s OK!) But look at the way the lines have crossed over each other and have created some really interesting shapes. Now, using color pencils, paint, markers, or crayons (whatever you have on hand) begin coloring in the shapes, maybe even adding different marks inside the shapes to create a pattern (think zentangles).

  6. Have fun with this and check out what a cool abstract still life you just created!

Please tag me in any pictures! I would love to see your masterpieces!!



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