Week 2 Day 2: Nature Weaving Craft

It is a lovely spring day, so let’s get outside for some fresh air and gather supplies to create our next project, a nature weaving.

Materials: Sticks

Nature material such as flowers, leaves, feathers, etc. (choose a variety of textures )

String, yarn, twine


  1. Using the twine, make a frame by attaching the sticks together at each corner. You can do this by winding the twine around and knotting once it is securely fastened.

  2. Once your frame is finished, wind the twine around the frame, looping on each end before continuing on to the other side until the frame has lines of twine across it. Secure by knotting.

  3. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves, twigs, weeds, flowers, feathers, grass, and other items for the project.

  4. Weave the items collected one at a time over and under the twine, alternating to create more interest.

  5. Admire your lovely creation!

Now you are ready to weave your natural treasures through your loom. As the natural objects die or crumble and fall out, you can reuse your loom to add more beautiful natural objects.

If you try this at home, tag me in your photos so I can see what the kids and you create!



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