Week 2 Day 1: Cherry Blossoms

We made it to Week 2! The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom! We have a few on our property and they are so lovely right now. I know the Cherry Blossoms are gorgeous on the Tidal Basin in DC but not much of a festival this year. I thought it might be fun for the kids to bring a little of the cherry blossoms inside to welcome spring! Today’s art prompt will be to create cherry blossom branches using coffee filters!

Materials: Coffee filters

Red food color, liquid watercolor or dye

Water, bowl


Vase or tall container

Glue gun



We began by mixing a few drops of red food coloring into a small bowl of water. Then we placed the coffee filter bottoms into the dye and let the dye gradually soak in and turn the filters different shades of pink. Note: You could use different containers with different amounts of dye so that you have a range of pinks.

Then we laid out the filters to dry. Separate each filter to dry. We used a clothes drying rack which worked well, you could also hang a line and place them on that to dry. While drying, go for a walk to collect interesting looking branches that you can attach your flowers too.

Once dried we began making blossoms! We made two sizes using a whole filter and cutting a filter in half to make smaller flowers. To make your blossoms from a whole sheet. First you fold the filter in half and keep folding it until it becomes a small “ pizza slice” shape. You then take your scissors and on the top rounded part you cut a top of a heart shape. Then unfold the filter and gather up into your hands, twisting the bottom to create a stem. Gently fluff and separate the layers until you have a flower shape you are happy with. Repeat.*video credit goes to Pip.

You can also make smaller flowers folding the same way, but first you need to cut the filter in half, then repeat the same steps as above.

Now that the blossoms have been made, you get to attach them to the branches. Using a low temp hot glue gun, you will glue the flowers to the branches. Kids can totally do this part and love it, just make sure to show them how to safely use a glue gun and be sure to use a low temp not a high temp glue gun.

That’s it! Find a vase or container that you can have the kids decorate ( we decorated a large plastic pretzel container with washi tape and filled the bottom with wine corks to create weight in the bottom). But any lovely container will work! Can’t wait to see your Cherry Blossom Bouquets.

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