The Art Nest has a New Selection of Art Kits to kickoff Summer!

*Father's Day Themed Kits (For A Limited Time Only): For a dad who is out of this world: Galaxy Painting kits; a kit that includes a circle painting support, painting materials, and complete instructions. For dads that "rock" give him an acrylic poured "rock" photo holder: kit includes a rock or wood slice (please specify preference), acrylic paint and pouring medium, wire and complete instructions. Do you have a dad that has to have his morning coffee? We have a coffee mug kit that could be perfect, it includes a blank mug with oil based markers, and instructions. Let me know which kit you choose!  I will have fun putting it together for you!

*Famous Artists and Art Movements: ($30) Each month a new artist is selected complete with a brief history of the artist/art movement, instructions to create your own art in the style of the artist/art movement. This kit can be designed for all ages. May artist (we have a few kits left) includes UK artist Sofia Bonati and the artist that inspires her work, Gustav Klimt. This art kit is all about patterns and the self portrait. The kit includes gouache paint, brushes, paper, patterned paper and fabric, markers, mod podge/glue, and complete instructions.  June artist will be inspired by the beginning of summer. We will be looking at Georges Seurat and the Impressionist art movement. The kit will include gouache (an opaque watercolor paint), color pencils, brushes, paper and painting support with complete instructions. This kit is suitable for older students (elementary to adult.)

*Learn Basic Art Techniques: ($30) Can be designed for all ages. This can be customized to a specific technique you are interested in learning more about. We still have some basic watercolor technique kits available and for June we will be exploring how to create monoprints without a press.  


*Fairy Kit: create a special fairy house and make your own fairy dust necklace. *A few glow in the dark fairy jars with fairy potion kits still available. 

*Potter Potions: for all of those Harry Potter fans or little wizards in training, this is a fun kit with a potion recipe and ingredients. 

*Summer Fun Play dough Kit, This months kit will be focused around a summer fun theme; handmade play dough with recipe to make more, random summer themed bits included in kit. 

*Collage Kit:  This months suggested theme will focus on summer: paper, glue, and random bits for collaging, suggestion card for collages

*Popsicle Stick Bracelets: In this kit ,the kids learn how to bend popsicle sticks and turn them into bracelets. They can then paint, glue fabric, gemstones,Washi tape, whatever they choose to make their bracelet a wearable work of art.  This is fun for a wide age group, the younger kids will need help boiling the bracelets. 

*Some images borrowed from online and are examples of what the art kits may include. 

Visit my website at to find all the details about ordering a kit. Thank you again for your support of my little business.

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