Thank you Art Nest Friends!

I am humbled and appreciative of the support from all of you who have purchased art kits over the last couple of weeks. It was hard to not be able to hold the art classes I had initially planned for, but still being able to get these workshops in a bag to all of you has lessened that disappointment quite a bit.

My hope if we are able to move forward, I will be able to offer summer workshops beginning in July. Stay tuned for more of that information. In the meantime, I will be rolling out an updated list to the art kits menu for you to choose from. I will be offering a limited time only Father's Day kit selections as well. These will go up this week!

I will continue to offer art kits moving forward even if I am able to start classes back up, as I know that some of you may still not feel ready to venture out to do these sorts of activities with your kids.

Thank you for letting me provide process based art projects to all of you during this unprecedented time that has impacted our country and the world. This is when we realize just how important the arts can be to help us get through these challenging times.

Love, Mary

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