Shamrocks!!! An Invitation to Create: Day 2

Here is an invitation to create for Day 2! It’s almost St.Patricks Day and I have a fun activity that kids love!

Shamrock Salt Paintings

This activity uses a little science with art.


Watercolor paper or another thick paper (too thin will not work with this because it will get too wet and heavy with wet salt.) Cardboard or mattboard could work. Any kind of kids art paper would work too.


Dropper or pipettes, drinking straws could work, its trickier for the kids but they can do it!


Food coloring or liquid watercolors: green, blue, yellow




Talk about how the shamrock has three heart shapes with a stem. Draw the shamrock with a pencil. Draw any other shapes you might want in your picture as well.

If the child is interested in painting a background wash do that next. Try not to let the paper get too wet, blot any puddles of paint with paper towels.

Outline the pencil drawing with glue

Then pour salt carefully over the glue lines.

Next drop a color at a time onto the salt lines and watch the colors run along the raised salt glue lines and mixing together. Be careful to not put too much watercolor on the salt, less is more.

Have fun! If you decide to do this project share photos with me!!



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