Playing with Art Materials Continues...

Some spots still open this week for classes! Click here to see the class list and sign up!

My Little Makers Class last week listened to a story about "How to Catch a Monster" and then created a monster and monster trap.

Messy Makers created Drawing Bots using some unusual materials such as an electric toothbrush, pool noodle, duct tape, markers, pipe cleaners, and of course googly eyes.

My Adventures in Art Class have been exploring Ancient Egypt this month with this week being the final class in the series.

First week we created hierglyphics using ink with sticks on papyrus, created Egyptian bracelets and a Scarab Amulet. The second week, we learned all about the Great Pyramids and created our own with marshmallows and toothpicks, and last week we learned more about the pyramids and created our own small sarcophagus and mummies. This week, we will learn about what they wore, and what a day in the life of an Ancient Egyptian may have been like. We will do this by creating our own Egyptian Costumes and getting into character.

Week 1: Learning about the history, art and culture of Ancient Egypt and then writing in hieroglyphics and creating Egyptian inspired jewelry

Week 2: Great Pyramids

Week 3: Sarcophagus and Mummies

For November our Adventures in Art Class will explore Native American Art and Culture!

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