Nature Color Wheel

This was a lot of fun for my little girl yesterday, so I thought I would share how we did it here! Have fun exploring!!


Cardstock, posterboard, watercolor paper, sturdy paper

plate for template, pencil and scissors

watercolor, crayons, or markers

double sided tape



Step 1: Using plate as a template, trace circle then cut it out

Step 2: Fold paper into eighths

Step 3: Write the name of each color in the triangle

Step 4: Paint or color a swatch of color in each triangle then place a strip of double sided tape on top of each color

Step 5: Go on a hike and have child look for things in nature that match the colors on the color wheel, you can talk to them depending on age about color theory such as the colors opposite each other on color wheel are complementary, if you mix them together what do you get, warm colors vs cool colors, primary, secondary and tertiary (only two colors fit on this color wheel but can be used as an example).

That's it! Have fun exploring!! Tag me in pictures or post to my Facebook page or here if you made some!!

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