Snowstorm in the Studio

A snowstorm in my new studio space, The Art Nest, formed on the first Saturday of the New Year!  A small group of children ages 5-7 ascended upon my studio creating whiteout conditions in my new space.  We had so much fun!!!! 

Two of my "Little Makers" during the Studio Snowstorm.

It's Snowing!!!

I conducted a small workshop for about 5 kids on that lovely Saturday morning in January. The theme of the class was all about creating snowstorms!!  We worked on three projects, creating a snowstorm inspired painting on canvas using acrylic paint, snow confetti, glue, salt, and liquid watercolor. The children experimented with the materials provided and created beautiful snowstorms! 

Two Little Makers creating their paintings

Experimenting with salt, glue and watercolor

The next project was all about creating a snowstorm in a bottle using baby oil, warm water with white paint, snow glitter, and Polident tablets. These little scientists were able to create whirling snowstorms inside of a bottle. 

"It's Snowing!" The Little Makers exclaimed!

Our final project was to make snow!  

The children used shaving cream, baking soda, and eventually glitter and liquid watercolor. They had so much fun with this sensory based activity. They loved to experiment with the ratios of shaving cream to baking soda (okay they actually loved spraying shaving cream and making a mess!!! ) ❤️😊  I could hear sounds of delight at how cold the snow felt (shaving cream will do that)! They declared this was their most favorite activity of all!  

After all, who doesn't love to play in snow?!!

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