Happy Birthday Joey!!

Did you know that the Art Nest can host small intimate birthday parties? The theme and art projects are specially chosen based on the client's interests. Message me to learn more at

This super creative little boy and his fellow party guests created a hanging Chihuly inspired "Rainbow Sun Catcher" and created sparkling, glittery sensory bottles.

The children worked diligently on their beautiful projects and we couldn't believe how beautiful they all turned out!! They were so focused on their projects that at one point the parents looked around scratching their heads wondering, this is the quietest kids birthday party ever! Ha! The children were quietly working so hard on their little masterpieces. It was incredible for me being the teacher to watch.

To make the Rainbow Sun Catchers, simply use clear plastic cups or plates. I used the Chinet Brand which worked great. Sharpies or other permanent markers, filament string, and a heat gun. That's it! The kids created their designs with the markers and then I melted them with a heat gun, strung them up with filament string and voila! Beautiful glass-like sculptural hanging artwork. The kids were so proud and thought the melting part was pretty cool!

For the sensory bottles, the kids had a choice between using clear glue and warm water, plus glitter, and food coloring (could use liquid watercolor), or mineral oil (we used baby oil), warm water, glitter, and dental cleaner tablets to create a cool stormy effect in the bottles. It was a cool "science" experiment for them that was also a beautiful piece of art to take home.

I design birthday art party themes with the client and based on the interests of the birthday boy or girl. The children love to create, experiment and make a mess and what better way to do that then with process and sensory based art projects! Send me a message if interested. My space accommodates small groups but can come to you as well.

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