Earth Day Art Prompt: Reclaimed Flower Garden

In honor of Earth Day I put together an art prompt that includes reusing materials to create a sculptural art piece. This is a fun family project that you can do together and talk about the importance of honoring Earth Day every day. Have fun and don't be afraid to get messy!!


Flat cardboard, or sturdy board material for painting support ("canvas")

Recyclable materials such as paper towel or toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, bottle lids, wine corks, etc. to make the flower shapes, bubble wrap could be fun, brown craft paper, etc.

Paint, paint sticks

glue (white glue or hot glue), scissors


1. First gather all of your materials, you could talk to your child about why they choose certain things, how recycling and reusing materials are important to the environment, maybe talk about all the ways you can do your part to help the earth everyday.

2. Second, if using papertowl/toilet paper tubes, cut them in different sizes and then cut strips around one end that can be bent back into petal shapes.

3. Third, Begin painting the background painting support "your canvas" however you want. You could paint a sky and then grass on the bottom or maybe it will be a swirl of different colors, just have fun! When this drys, take some of your paper towel tubes and dip the ends into paint and begin stamping them across the surface of your painting creating fun patterns. You could also if using bubble wrap, paint onto the surface of the bubble wrap and then stamp it allover your painting surface as well to have fun with different texture and shapes.

4. When finished with this step, begin arranging your flower parts onto your painting. Using glue (I used white glue but you could use hot glue just make sure the painting surface is dry first), apply glue to the bottom of each flower part and then let it dry. I used brown craft paper to create a shape across the horizon of my painting and then glued it down and painted it as well. That is an option for your painting!

5. When the glue has dried begin painting your flowers using paint, paint sticks, markers, whatever you want to use!!

6. If you want to hang up your masterpiece you could put two holes in the top two sides of painting and run a string, wire, twine, yarn, ribbon, whatever you have, knot the string, and it's ready to hang on the wall and enjoy.

Share with me if you decide to do this project!! And don't be afraid to get messy!! It will all clean up and so much is learned through the making and cleaning up of the messes. ❤️

Happy Earth Day!! Mary

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