Day 5: Three Art Prompts for creating paper for Notecards

Marbled Paper, Chalk Prints, and Bubble Prints

As we continue on this stay at home journey, I am challenging myself to find art projects with materials I have at home. I have all kinds of fun materials at my studio but you may not. So I want to create art prompts that you can do at home without having to go out and purchase materials. You may have all the supplies for this project or maybe just enough for one or two and that’s OK! I just wanted to provide options!

We have been talking about how we miss seeing our friends, extended family, elderly friends. So, I suggested that we create note cards that we can use to send to our loved ones to let them know we are thinking of them and hoping they are doing OK in this trying time. I also thought it might be fun to create Pen Pals with our friends! How fun it would be to receive a card in the mail from one of our friends!!

When all prints are dry you can glue or tape (patterned wash tape is fun) prints onto a heavier cardstock or blank notecard. Then you have a collection of notecards to start sending to loved ones. Enjoy and have fun!


Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream

Pip loved this activity so much, she is really into sensory things so being able to play with shaving cream is her favorite thing.

Materials: Shaving Cream

Pan for shaving cream (I used a cookie sheet that I covered in foil for easier cleanup)


Food color or liquid watercolor

A tool to swirl the dye to create cool patterns in shaving cream (I used a wooden skewer stick, but you can use anything)


Squeegee or cardboard (or any kind of scraping too to remove excess shaving cream from prints)

Pie tins to hold watercolors

Dropper (I used an old medicine dropper, but anything can be used to drop paint onto shaving cream


Spray shaving cream onto foil lined pan

Drop colors on top of shaving cream

Swirl with a stick to create cool marble like patterns

Take paper and gently place over the surface, pat gently, then slowly peel the paper off of the shaving cream

Take to a flat surface and using a squeegee or other scraping tool, remove the excess shaving cream

Place paper flat to dry

Chalk Prints

These were a lot of fun and fast to do! The results were really cool abstract prints. (The bottom part of the prints are from the bubble printmaking.)



Chalk ( we used crayola chalk)



Butter knife

Directions: Put water in pan

Scrape chalk over pan so that chalk flakes into the water, play with the scattering of the colors

Gently press paper “kiss it” onto the surface, don’t let the paper get too wet, just touch the surface, remove and place somewhere to dry

Bubble Prints

The final art prompt is Bubble Prints. These are a lot of fun.

This was one of her favorites, she loved the action of blowing the bubbles in the dish. Making the prints were secondary to her. LOL! They turned out really beautiful and subtle.


Food color

Bubble solution, dish liquid would work



Muffin tin for colors, or any shallow bowls would work


Mix food colors or liquid watercolors in the bubble solution

Using straw blow bubbles in each pan gently to create a pattern of bubble shapes.

Gently “kiss” paper onto the top of bubbles randomly moving paper around to cover the whole paper with the bubble patterns. Lay flat to dry.

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