Day 4: Germ Monsters!!!!

This is a fun painting activity to do with the kids at home, even the smallest ones can play.

As we get further into the week of social distancing and the barrage of news media and articles about the Covid-19 virus, children may have lots of questions and may begin to feel some anxiety about everything. I find talking to kids while making art can be therapeutic but also they are able to absorb what you are saying and may feel free to open up about concerns as they are keeping their hands busy. Ask them questions, some examples might be : What are germs? How do germs spread? How can we keep germs from spreading?

My daughter offered to let me document her process of making her germ monster painting so your little ones can see just how to do it. It was fun making all the silly faces. Have fun!!

Materials: watercolor paper, sketch paper or any paper you have on hand

Paper towels

Food coloring

Drinking straws


Cups for color and and one for cleaning straw between colors

Permanent markers (they will not run on the wet paper) can use other markers just let painting dry first, Crayons would work too!

Imagination (most important material)


Parents for the youngest kids especially, set up everything for them so they can just get right to the act of making! Set out the water, but let the kids (if you feel comfortable) put the drops of color into the cups themselves, lay out the straw (we used one straw and just cleaned it between colors) you could also use a straw for each color. Have them put straw into colored water and then hold the top of straw with finger to close off the opening, this way some color will be inside the straw, then gently place the straw with the color in it and finger still covering the top opening and put over the paper and lift finger so that a blob of paint drops onto the paper. Then they get to use the straw to blow the paint around on the paper to create fun shapes. Repeat as often as they want. As the colors pool onto top of paper, blot with a paper towel .

When the shapes are all finished, begin drawing faces inside the blobs to help the germs come alive!!!

Have fun! Can’t wait to see pictures of your germ monsters!!



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