Day 3 Art Activity: Marker Monoprints

This is a fun project even the littlest makers can participate in, may need some help from a grownup but for the most part they can do it themselves.


You need a surface such as styrofoam, a styrofoam plate or styrofoam (cleaned) from a meat container or foam core, cardboard could work.

-Water based markers such as Crayola Markers

-Sponge cut to paper size

-Paper, printer paper, watercolor paper (the best) or any type of art paper will do

-Water in a shallow dish


-Wooden or metal spoon

-Oil pastels or crayons optional (this would be a good experiment in the resist method between oil and water, crayons are wax based and repel water)


1.Pre cut paper and styrofoam to be the same size (ie, 4x6in or a standard sheet of paper cut into fourths)

2.Place sponge in a shallow dish of water

3.Have child draw using a pencil a design on their styrofoam, use some pressure to make line indentations into the material (this will print white). If you use words remember to write them backwards. If you are using cardboard that cannot be scratched into then create drawing using the crayons or oil pastel.

4.Next, color the background with the markers

5. Wring out the excess water from the sponge and gently dampen the paper to be print on (the blank paper not the plate with the drawing)

6.Place the damp paper onto the printing plate (styrofoam plate with drawing) *Try not to make your paper too wet!!

7. Gently, without moving the paper on top, using the spoon rub the back of the paper (very gently with slight pressure) until you have rubbed the entire surface, then gently pick up one corner and remove paper from plate. *Grownups may need to monitor this step, too much pressure may cause the paper to tear, also remember to hold paper in place with one hand while rubbing the back with spoon using the other hand, if paper moves the ink from markers will smear.

8. The marker drawing will transfer to the damp paper creating a mono print. Your line drawings should show up white.

Send me pictures!!! OR tag me if you post on social media. Would love to see what you guys create!!!

Best, Mary

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