Art Play Ideas Day 1

Well here we are with our kids home from school for who knows how long while we work to flatten the curve of this Covid-19 craziness. Homeschooling is not something I have ever felt comfortable with doing and I only have one child. I can only imagine how those with more might feel a bit overwhelmed by the prospect. It takes a village I think for all of us to find ways to come together virtually in this time of “social distancing. ”

So, I am providing one week worth of art activities you can do at home with your kids. I will post a new project each day so keep checking back if interested! These projects can be simplified for the younger ones and added to for difficulty for the older ones. I have my age groups for projects broken down as follows: Tiny Makers (walking age to 3 years old) Little Makers (ages 3-5) Messy Makers (ages 6-10) and Mark Makers ( 11 and up).

Day one: Journals

For the littlest makers (Tiny Makers and Little Makers), the parents will need to help them make this. The Messy Makers and The Mark Makers, you guys totally got this.

Let’s start the week with a journal that we can add to throughout this homeschooling period. The kids can use the journals in so many ways, and they can keep making them as they fill them up. I like to make journals out of paper bags. This way you have built in pockets to collect items that can be brought back home, laid out and further observation, discussion, drawing and writing about the these objects can take place.


Paper bags (lunch bag size is good, but you could reuse those Martins Grocery Delivery Bags too! Brown bags can be painted white if you want a white surface to create on ) Hole punch (or something to make holes for tying bags together into a book)

string, yarn, twine

Drawing tools: markers, paint (no paint at home? Try food colors, a few drops in water and you have liquid watercolor), brushes, pencils, charcoal, chalk



Step 1: I would start with two paper bags. Fold in half and then punch at least two holes where you will bind the book together

Step 2: Add all the bags together, lining up the holes and then using yarn, twine, string of choice, lace the string through the holes and tie into a bow. You can also try stapling if not too thick

Step 3: Decorate the front and back of journal

Step 4: Go for a walk, collect treasures that will fit in the pockets of the journal, sit and sketch what you see

Step 5: Once at home, take out treasures, line them up and talk about them. Questions you can ask: Why are they treasures to you? What are they? Can you try and draw them in your journal? Can your things together tell a story about your adventure, real or imagined?

For the Tiny Makers: Let them lead you to the things they find of interest and can put into their little bags. Focus on texture, sight, smell, sound. And let them play with them when they come back. Let them “draw” their observations and then you can describe below what it is. This can be something special to go back to later as a record of this age.

Little Makers: Ask them questions about what they have found, why they are special, have them draw in their journal and help them write and label what they have found.

The Messy Makers and Mark Makers: You can be more independent with the project. Really try your hand at actual observation drawing. Try some blind contour drawings, this is where you look at the object and draw it at the same time without looking at your paper!! It’s a fun challenging way to train your eye and hand to work together. Perhaps, practice your skills of poem writing. Maybe use the journal as a source to write your thoughts and feelings about what is happening in the world right now and how you feel about it.

How to write a Haiku: Follow the line and syllable structure of a haiku.

Haikus follow a strict form: three lines, with a 5-7-5 syllable structure. That means the first line will have five syllables, the second line will have seven syllables, and the last line will have five syllables.

Example: Reality of Spring

I dream of springtime

The air is full of pollen

I will sneeze and smile.

Thanks and I hope this gives you some fun art play time with the kids! Check back tomorrow for another art play idea!!

P.S. Please post pics to social media and share with me!!

Love, Mary

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