And We're Off!

This past week's classes were so much fun! Some of the comments I remember from the kids include "What? The hour is already up? " "Miss Mary, I hope I can make art with you every week!" "Miss Mary, I have some great ideas for when we work together!"

Here are a few photos highlighting the classes. If interested in joining us please sign up! Classes resume on Tuesday! Click here for a link to the class schedule.

Little Makers created Their "House" collages and Their "World" paintings

Messy Makers made a mess with their Pendulum Painting experiments. So much fun!

Mark Makers created some one of kind Monoprints using Gelliplates! It was fun experimenting with color and texture.

Art Adventures for Kids: The kids traveled through time and played the role of cave people, learning about prehistoric cave art and creating their own Cave Drawings. This is a four week class with a focus this month on Cave Art. We will end the series with a presentation by the kids for their parents. Stay tuned!

Private Lesson: Learning how to create a Transformer, "Optimus Prime" Halloween Costume.

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